Specifically Designed for Toyota & Lexus Dealers

The Toyota/Lexus Hole-in-One Program is designed exclusively for Toyota and Lexus dealers across the nation. It's the only program backed by Corporate Toyota. Since its inception more than two decades ago, the program has proven to be a huge success and continues to be the preferred method of securing hole-in-one insurance for Toyota and Lexus dealers. What better way to become a known and respected name in your community than by sponsoring a charity golf tournament?

Program Features

  • All Toyota and Lexus dealerships will receive preferred pricing for hole-in-one contracts set up with us.
  • Simplified billing means that we can charge your monthly parts statement after the event.
  • Hassle-free billing means no more rush to make sure the payment is in the mail prior to the tournament.
  • We include bonus prizes for all of our hole-in-one contracts with no additional charge to you. The prizes offer each participant a chance to win a prize on the additional par 3s.
  • Hole-in-one prize signs are a great way to market your dealership. A hole-in-one prize, as well as secondary prizes, will maximize your exposure at the golf course, and we include four personalized hole-in-one prize signs at no additional charge.
  • Our partnership with Toyota Financial Services/Lexus Financial Services enables us to offer you the best hole-in-one insurance around.

Call us at (800) 628-7273 to learn more about the Toyota/Lexus Hole-in-One Program.